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24th April: Home page has been updated


6th July: The Garden page has been updated

5thJuly: Added new page – Lanterns

5th July: The Front Garden page has been updated.

4th July: The Archway page has been updated.

3rd July: Home page has been updated.

3rd July: Following a visit from another keen Acer gardener I suddenly realised that I'd not updated the website since 10th October, 2014! I have now made a start and will log on this page each time a page has been updated or, indeed, if no changes are required!


10th October: Thrush and Sparrow added to Wildlife

10th July: More Alpines added

6th July: Brand new Alpines page plus The Front Garden project

13th May: A short video of the garden was filmed in May 2014 and can be viewed here

7th May: All the pages in Section 1 have been updated

11th April: Heucheras page has been updated – Heucheras


4th August: The Fernery becomes established – Ferns

4th August: A kango starts to attack the front garden! – Front Garden

4th August: Three Dahlias are open – Dahlias

20th June: See the new Fernery! – Ferns

14th June: 'Shirley Temple' Peonie opens – Peonies

12th June: Photo of Paeonia 'Ruba Plena' with 5 flowers open at once – Peonies

25th May: Added three more pages in Section 2 – Alpines and Dahlias and Peonies

15th May: The Greenhouse becomes a working greenhouse! – Greenhouse

15th May: Commencement of Dahlia bed – Archway

15th May: Updated 'Acers' with three new additions – including 2 specimen trees – Acers

15th May: Updated 'Grasses' with two new additions – Grasses

14th May: Photos of Acer leaves taken at the beginning of April and May – Acers

21st April: Photos of commencement of varnishing the decking, tea-house and archway – Archway and Garden

21st April: Cleaning of patio and floor of tea-house – Patio

20th April: Photo of repotted Carnivorous plants – Carnivorous

20th April: Added Violas and Primulas to The Side Garden – Side Garden

14th April: Commenced a monthly photo of all the Acers to show their progress throughout a 12-month period – Acers

14th April: Added the new collection of koi – Koi

26th March: Heat pump now fully operational – Pond

26th March: Decking area in 'The Archway started' – Archway

25th March: New fence panels put in around 'The Archway' – Archway

24th March: Photos of heat pump being plumbed in (scroll down to bottom of page) – Pond

22nd March: Further photos of heat pump for the pond (scroll down to bottom of page) – Pond

18th March: Added information and first photo for heating the pond (scroll down to bottom of page) – Pond

18th March: Added 3 new photos to The Koi together with information about growing-on – Koi

17th March: Added 2 photos to The Side Garden – Side Garden

6th March: A new Section – The Side Garden – is added – Side Garden

18th February: Added photo of pair of Greenfinches – Wildlife

22nd September, 2012: Added photo of 'The President' Clematis – Magnolias


22nd September, 2012: Added 'Autumn Colours' page – Autumn Colours

22nd September, 2012: Added photo of ladybird on Acer palmatum 'Shaina' – Wildlife

22nd September, 2012: Added two more plants to the Miscellaneous section – Miscellaneous

22nd September, 2012: Added 'Miss Ruby' to the Hostas section – Hostas


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