Blue Angel
Coconut Custard
Cracker Crumbs
Fire & Ice
Frosted Mouse Ears
Gold Standard
Hanky Panky
Harry van der Laar
Lakeside Dragonfly
Lakeside Zinger
Montana Macrophylla
Mrs Minky
Praying Hands
Shade Master
Snow Mouse
Stand By Me
Tadiana Hadspen Blue
Unknown 2
Unknown 3
White Feather
Wide Brim
Yellow Boa

Hostas x 29
In addition to my passion for Acers I have fallen in love with Hostas! The downside to Hostas is that not only do I love them, but so do snails and slugs! I have read various suggestions to stop the slugs and snails biting chunks out of Hostas such as slug pellets, garlic, crushed oyster shell, copper rings, nematodes – I am sure there are many other suggestions as well.

In 2010 we had a small number of Hostas in what has now become the 'Magnolias & Miscellaneous' area. However, I didn't put any repellants down because I foolishly thought that the slugs and snails wouldn't dare attack MY Hostas!! I did put some slug pellets down but, of course, it was too late. In 2011 I put a ring of crushed oyster shell round the base (at ground level) of each Hosta but then we moved them all to their new home in the garden but didn't put anymore oyster shell down in their new positions. Needless to say the slugs and snails enjoyed a 5 course luxury dinner every night!

The collection of Hostas had grown dramatically and so, when the buds starting peeping through, I put crushed oyster shell round the base of each one. In the main there was a massive improvement and there were comparatively few holes in the leaves. We also now have a number of miniature and small Hostas and these were starting to be eaten. However, on closer inspection I noticed that there was a break in the ring of oyster shell where it had either disintegrated or had been moved by birds. We therefore put more oyster shell down and this certainly seemed to stop them from getting any worse. As a back-up we also put slug pellets down. The beauty of crushed oyster shell is that it is cheap.

Initially we thought we had lost 2 Hostas over the winter – 'Hanky Panky' and 'Miss Ruby'. However, we suspect that either the magpies or wood pigeons had taken a liking to 'Miss Ruby' which was very upsetting as some friends of ours (Darren & David) had kindly given it to us when we hosted a Garden Party for members of the Gardening Group on Facebook on 2nd September, 2012. We had virtually given up hope with 'Hanky Panky' until I started planting 'Tadiana Hadspen Blue' and came across the bud underneath the gravel. So, overall, we hadn't really lost any Hostas over the winter.

In 2013 we decided to try nematodes – these are living organisms which need to be kept in the fridge and also have a short 'use by' date. One application will provide control for up to 6 weeks and, for outdoor plants, should be used between March and October when slugs are active. The soil must be moist before and for at least 2 weeks after the applying but should not be waterlogged. They should also be applied during evenings or dull conditions - i.e. not in bright sunshine. The pack contains sufficient to treat up to 40 square metres (50 square yards). There are several different manufacturers of nematodes on the market but we purchased Nemaslug® Slug Killer by mail order –

Hosta Size Groups
Hostas are split into 5 size groups which are based on the size of the leaves:

Very Large: 144 sq. inches and above (900 sq. cm)
Large:         81 - 144 sq. inches (530 - 900 sq. cm)
Medium:      25 - 91 sq. inches (160 - 530 sq. cm)
Small:          6 - 2 5sq. inches (36cm - 160 sq. cm.)
Very Small:  4 - 19 sq, ubcges (26 - 65
Miniatures:  4 sq. inches (26 sq. cm)

Hosta 'Tadiana Hadspen Blue''

Marple Garden Centre May 2013
FOC - with purchases of over £40

Hosta 'White Feather'

Harrogate Spring Flower Show April 2013





Hosta Hosta

Hosta 'Gold Standard'

Thanks to June & John Baker, Editors of the British Hosta Bulletin and owners of a National Collection of Hostas.


shade master hosta shade master hosta

Hosta 'Shade Master'

Sturdy striking golden leaves with pale lavender flowers in summer. Mounded foliage habit. 60cm x 75cm


francee hosta francee hosta

Hosta 'Francee'



albomarginata hosta albomarginata hosta

Hosta undulata 'Albomarginata'



patriot hosta patriot hosta

Hosta 'Patriot'
Medium - Large



halcyon hosta halcyon hosta

Hosta 'Halcyon'



fire and ice hosta fire and ice hosta

Hosta 'Fire and Ice'
B&Q - £4.98

This pretty, dwarf hosta has twisting white leaves with a green margin and pale lavender flowers on tall spikes in summer.

harry van der laar hosta harry van der laar hosta

Hosta 'Harry van der Laar' Medium
Mickfield Hostas - £8



wide brim hosta wide brim hosta

Hosta 'Wide Brim'



praying hands hosta praying hands

Hosta 'Praying Hands'
Bowden Hostas - £10

Lavender flowers. A unique, erect thin-leafted hosta.


mrs minky hosta mrs minky hosta

Hosta 'Mrs Minky'

Dwarf yellow-green wavy edged heart-shaped leaves. Lavender coloured flowers in summer which lighten to lilac with flush of white. 50cm x 45cm


blue angel hosta blue angel hosta

Hosta 'Blue Angel'
Very Large
B&Q - £4.98

Slowly forms a large clump of blue green leaves embelished in mid summer with white flowers.

hosta hosta

Unknown 2 - awaiting identification



cracker crumbs hosta cracker crumbs

Hosta 'Cracker Crumbs' Miniature
Bowden Hostas - £8

Dark lavender flowers. Glossy golden yellow leaves with dark edges.


yellow boa hosta yellow boa hosta

Hosta 'Yellow Boa'
Sue Proctor Plants - £5

Height about 7". Narrow yellow leaves with a wavy margin. Turns greenish-yellow later in the season. Pale lavender flowers.


lakeside zinger hosta lakeside zinger hosta

Hosta 'Lakeside Zinger'
Very Small
Mickfield Hostas - £6



frosted mouse ears hosta frosted mouse ears hosta

Hosta 'Frosted Mouse Ears'
Sue Proctor Plants - £13

Height about 6". Very thick round blue-green leaves with a wide creamy white margin. Lavender flowers.


snow mouse hosta snow mouse hosta

Hosta 'Snow Mouse'
Sue Proctor Plants


kisuji hosta kisuji hosta

Hosta 'Kisuji (Inaho)'
Sue Proctor Plants - £5

Gold-streaked green leaves with attractive gold streaking. Purple flowers.


coconut custard hosta coconut custard hosta

Hosta 'Coconut Custard'
Very Small
Sue Proctor Plants - £10

Height around 6". Heart-shaped yellow leaves, frosted with white wax, creating a rich and creamy look. Leaves are held on bright purple petioles.

hakujima hostahakujima hosta

Hosta 'Hakujima'
Sue Proctor Plants - £10

Height about 7". Narrow green leaves with a slightly rippled margin. Lavendar flowers.

geisha hosta geisha hosta

Hosta 'Geisha (Ani Machi)'
Sue Proctor Plants - £7

Slightly wavy, chartreuse/yellow streaked leaves, speckled green with a wide mid-green margin. Lavender flowers.


lakeside dragonfly hosta lakeside dragonfly hosta

Hosta 'Lakeside Dragonfly'
Sue Proctor Plants - £8

Lance-shaped blue-green leaves with a wide white undulating margin. Lavender flowers.


montana macrophylla hosta montana macrophylla hosta

Hosta 'Montana Macrophylla'
Sue Protor Plants - £8

Deeply veined green leaves, held erect. Creates a huge vase-shaped mound. Pale lavender flowers.


stand by me hosta stand by me hosta

Hosta 'Stand By Me'
Sue Proctor Plants
May 2012 (Malvern Spring Gardening Show)



hanky panky hosta hanky panky hosta

Hosta 'Hanky Panky'
Small - Medium
Sue Proctor Plants
May 2012 (Malvern Spring Gardening Show)



Above: Two of the miniature Hostas (Frosted Mouse Ears and Snow Mouse) were transferred into a dish, along with Carex evergold 'Golden Sedge' - August 2012. Miss Ruby, a small miniature Hosta was added on 3rd September, 2012.

Below: Part of the main bed - June 2012:

Below: The complete Hosta bed – 30 May 2013

Further Information:
British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society

Recommended Reading:
1. The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell & Michael Shadrack – 2009. ISBN – 13: 978-0-88192-960-7
2. The Book of Little Hostas by Kathy Guest Shadrack & Michael Shadrack – 2010. ISBN – 13:978-1-60469-060-6


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