Pearly King



Gillian Blades
Mrs N Thompson
The President

Ginkgo biloba


Magnolias & Others
This section of the garden started off with the bamboo fencing and bamboo plants and I also wanted to get a Magnolia 'Soulangeana as this was one of my Mum's favourite trees. Needless to say, a few Acers soon crept in, closely followed by the magnificent Ginkgo bioba 'Troll'. We contemplated putting some bamboo or reed fencing along the front of the garage to make that area almost a garden of its own. However, I visited Marple Garden Centre when they had a magnificent display of Clematis and I was soon tempted to purchase three – even though I didn't know where they were going to go! Needless to say, it meant another trip back to the garden centre to look at trellis fencing and we spotted some unusual iron trellis which we thought would be ideal. Mike then felt it was lacking a little colour to we added four Alpines plus a few other plants which we already had dotted around other parts of the garden.

Unfortunately, we lost a couple of the Alpines over the winter – Lithodora 'Grace Ward' and Scented Viola 'Martin', however, on the positive side the remaining two (Scented Viola 'Martin' and Saxifraga 'Pearly King' were looking absolutely magnificent in May – see photos further down the page.

As we had installed a heat pump for the pond which had to be sited on the 'Magnolia & Others' bed we decided that it needed hiding. Although we are unable to box it in we made a start by purchasing a Caenothus 'Skylark' which will, eventually, start to hide it so that it won't be so conspicuous!

Unfortunately, neither of the Magnolia have flowered this year although both trees, have eventually, got one bud each which has appeared towards the end of May.

magnolia soulangeana



Magnolia soulangeana
Bents Garden Centre
March 2012 – £29.99




magnolia susan



Magnolia 'Susan'
Bents Garden Centre
March 2012 – £21.99





ginkgo biloba troll ginkgo biloba troll

Ginkgo biloba 'Troll'
Bents Garden Centre
27th March 2012 - £89.99

An incredible contorted version of the maidenhair tree. A most interesting plant that is ideal for patio pot or a Japanese-style garden. Very slow growing.

Mrs N. Thompson – masses of single magenta flowers with dark central stipes along bluish-purple edged petals and attractive red anthers.

The President – large, velvety textured blue-purple flowers. Dark green leaves which fall in Autumn. Photo below is of 'The President' on 22.9.12!

Gillian Blades – large, white flowers. The sepals have a light blue tinge and crinkled edges. Foliage is mild green with twinning branches, which aid support, turns yellow before falling.

Ceanothus 'Skylark
Marple Garden Centre
May 2013 - F.O.C. with purchases over £40 (should have been £7.99)!

Photos taken 28 May 2013


Marple Garden Centre
May 2013

Photos taken 28 May 2013



Saxifraga 'Pearly King'
Ashton Park Garden Centre
May 2012


Photos taken 25 May 2013


Scented Viola 'Martin'
Ashton Park Garden Centre
May 2012


Photos taken 25 May 2013









Bark chippings were put down early May 2013. Photo below taken 27 May 2013.


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