Bamboo is synonomous with Japanese gardens and, as such, many koi-keepers have it in their gardens. On the original plan of the small Japanese-style garden we were going to have bamboo screening along two sides of the proposed area and also have some bamboo plants in pots. Even with the re-plan of the garden, we still put bamboo screening along 6 of the fence panels (see photo right - September 2010). At the moment (June 2012) we are undecided whether to continue the screening around the remainder of the garden but this will probably wait until the rest of the garden is complete.

The two eyes of the Yin and Yang needed something planted in each one. Annette of AF Garden Solutions suggested that we have a bamboo tree in each one but that they should both be different to go along with the dark and light philosophy of Yin and Yang. We therefore went for a Phyllostachys Nigra (black) with white pebbles surrounding the base and a Phyllostachys Aureocaulis(yellow) with black pebbles.

The entrance to the garden consists of a large wrought-iron gate and fencing which can be seen from the roadway. We therefore decided to put some bamboo screening against the fence together with some 'general' bamboo plants so that it would help shield the garden from passers-by. In addition we put some reed screening along the front wall of the pond and the side nearest the garden entrance so that it all blends in. As the side of the house is a wind-tunnel, the extra shielding has helped to reduce the wind factor.

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