The long bed at the top of the garden has four large conifers together with a magnificent backdrop of trees from a Nursing Home at the back of the garden. There was also an Azalea which had been moved around the garden several times and was one of the original shrubs that had been planted by Mike's parents. Although it hasn't flowered every year, when it does flower it is magnificent.

In September 2011 we went to an Open Day at Sue Proctor Plants in Yorkshire to purchase some more Hostas. By chance, on the way home, we saw signs for Armitage's Pennine Garden Centre in Huddersfield and so called in to see if they had any Acers – even though we suspected it was probably too late in the season. This proved to be the case, however, they had just had a large delivery of Japanese Azaleas and so we promptly purchased five!

Small busy evergreen plant. Grows to 60cm high and wide.

Photo (left) taken 2 June 2013

Photo (left) taken 2 June 2013


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