greenhouseThe Greenhouse
The greenhouse was originally erected by Mike and his grandfather in 1963/64 and it was well-used by both his grandfather and his parents and measures 12ft x 8ft. However, when we moved into the house in August 2008 it hadn't been used for a number of years. We would, ideally, liked to have moved it to the back right-hand corner of the garden as there was quite a large area of garden behind the greenhouse. However, in view of the length of time it had been standing we felt it too risky to even attempt to move it. We decided to leave it in situ and came up with the idea of using the area behind for a vegetable and herb garden as this would then be separated from the main garden. Needless to say, for the next four years it wasn't used and simply became a dumping ground!

Although we had had a major clearout of the greenhouse in April 2012, we still weren't using it properly as working greenhouse, so, in April 2013, we had another clearout and moved things around to make the best used of space. We also painted the existing four shelves with a suitable black paint for steel, so that we could actually start using them, plus, we bought an additional couple of shelves.

We purchased pots, saucers, seed trays, propagators, labels etc so that we could start to grow seeds,plant tubors and vegetables have a go and cuttings. We even put a nice comfortable office chair at the bench!


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